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Fibershed Survey

Note from Chair:

Hello friends! I hope you are all well. The front that rolled through our state this week bringing
rain and cooler temperatures was a good reminder that change is imminent. Your Montana
Fibershed board is also looking forward to changes this fall, changes that begin with you!

Below you will find our member survey which we hope you will take a few minutes to
fill out. We are excited to learn more about your interests and hopes for this organization, and
how you would like to be involved. This fall, we are moving toward a new structure that will
give you, our members, more opportunity to share in the work of your fibershed. By
establishing working groups organized around specific topics and goals, we hope to augment
opportunities for your participation in this work. You have asked how you can help, and we are
excited to offer these suggested opportunities! Please let us know which of these survey topics
speak to your heart, and also what we have missed. What questions have we not asked that
you would like to answer? Your thoughts are of the utmost importance to us in moving forward
with short-, mid-, and long-range goals. Thank you so much, friends, for your time and
thoughtful responses to this survey. We very much look forward to hearing from you.
Best wishes,
Barb French, interim Chair

Montana Fibershed 2023

Our Mission:

Montana Fibershed is a grassroots, non-profit organization that supports  Montana-based
natural fiber and dye systems.  We seek to connect producers to end users of fiber, to
encourage new and strengthen existing textile manufacturing systems in Montana, and to do so in regenerative and sustainable ways that support the health of our people, our soils, and the landscapes and economies that sustain us.

Survey purpose:

We wish to gauge the needs and interests of Montana Fibershed members, and increase
opportunities for member involvement. We envision vibrant working groups or committees, each with their self-defined goals and projects, as approved by the Montana Fibershed Board of Directors.

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