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Winter. A time to rest, rejuvenate, hibernate and plan.

Whether you're a farmer. rancher, artist or creator, all of these things require some prep work and a bit of looking into the future. For many the work continues all winter and sometimes even increases when you have to go out and feed livestock. With shorter days we retreat into the warmth of the hearth and look ahead to what needs to be done.

Picture by Julie Cleary
Montana Fibershed Board of Directors

The Montana Fibershed board of directors took this opportunity and met for our first in-person meeting. This was a strategic planning meeting to recap what we have accomplished and what we each see for the future of MFS. We added 3 new board member this year and all 10 were able to attend. This was in and of itself amazing given the distances we all live from each other and out weather.

In the blog posts to come, we will reveal some of the highlights of this meeting. In the meantime, please consider joining us as a business or supporting member. We have some great things planned to include all of the fiber lovers in this great state.


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