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Sustainability, Fashion and Community

Sustainability is not just a buzzword; it is a necessary consideration for responsible living in the modern era. With our population expanding and the number of residents rising, we are at a tipping point where we cannot afford to ignore the impact that our choices have on the environment. After all, the landscape is what draws many to our mountain towns. We care deeply about the natural world and part of taking care of it is learning what choices we can make to reduce our impact-so we can continue to share it with our families and future generations.

–Cassidy Mantor, WHJ

Sustainability is a broad concept that applies to many industries and sectors. In addition to the building industry and agriculture, it also applies to other sectors such as energy, transportation, and manufacturing. The goal of sustainability is to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Start where you can

Use what you have

Do what you can

...Arthur Ashe

Sustainable Fashion has many entry points (design, making, purchasing, repairing, etc.) Mending is a great way to engage in this movement. Just a few simple stitches to mend your clothes can slow down your fashion consumption. Mending Bars bring our communities together. When we spend time patching, stitching, darning or otherwise fixing torn fabrics, we deepen our understanding of quality, composition and craftsmanship while also building relationships with others in our communities that bring additional ideas and connections to the table.

When Montana Fibershed introduced their mending initiative this year, I was amazed to see how my community embraced slow stitching, making their garments beautiful and personal through Mending Bar Happy Hours.

Make Thrift–Mend

Rejuvenate Your Old Clothes into Treasures to Be Proud Of

If A New Garment is Kept For 9 Months Longer Than the Typical Use it Reduces the Garment’s Carbon Footprint By 30%

In 2023, Montana Fibershed Mending Bar Happy Hours are being held at four locations across the state with staggered start dates. These sessions utilize cotton fabric (denim & more) as the chosen fiber. Later this year, new mending sessions will begin for wool garments and home goods.

Helen Harris

Montana Fibershed


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