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Pausing to Refresh: the 2024 Montana Fibershed Board Retreat

Imagine this:  welcoming hugs, the buzz of conversation and laughter, new friendships forged, old friendships strengthened, delicious meals shared, important discussions and personal stories expressed, all in the atmosphere of a beautiful Victorian home overflowing with color and art, and replete with comfy furniture and cozy gathering spaces.  You have just pictured the Feb. ’24 Montana Fibershed Board retreat.  It was the stuff of dreams.

Each Board member was encouraged to bring their Big Ideas.  What do we want to see accomplished by this organization?  What are our dreams and desires as we work to fulfill our mission?  We filled pages of brainstorming pads as we shared our hopes and dreams.  Such important work, this!  Without hopes and dreams, nothing can be accomplished.  

And so current Board members Angela Tollerson, Helen Harris and Barb French enthusiastically welcome our new recruits Elizabeth Bean, Alayna Rasile, Alyssa Roggow and Karen Heyneman to the team!  Please say hello when you see us out and about.  We look forward to sharing our ideas with you and hearing your stories and unique perspectives as we all seek to find our place in the important work of the local fiber and cloth movement.  


2024 Board Retreat



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