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News & Views from Montana Fibershed

A Message from our Chairperson:

Twenty years ago we were introduced to the term “Who’s Your Farmer?” and the concept that eating locally-grown, nutritious food was better for us, our community, and local economies. A new, parallel movement is growing within the textile industry – The Fibershed – where locally- grown fibers are processed by local mills into textiles colored with natural dyes. Fibersheds are forming across the globe, building connections and economies from farm to fashion. And just as we fell in love with slow food, now we are embracing slow fashion.

I’m thrilled to be part of building the newly-formed Montana Fibershed. My passion for fiber comes from growing quality wool while using regenerative farming practices that restore soils. One of my greatest rewards is when an artisan sends a picture of a gorgeous garment they have created from the Merino wool grown on our farm.

Montana Fibershed’s (MTFS) goals for 2022 are to:

  1. Continue building the Producer Directory hosted on the MTFS website

  2. Build connections through small regional events

  3. Launch a membership campaign

  4. Plan and host a Farm-to-Fashion Event

If you are a fiberist we’d love to have you join us as we build connections between growers, textile producers, and artisans.

So, what is slow fashion? Much of the clothing purchased off the racks in the US today has a closet life of 60 days. Because it is relatively inexpensive and we have been disconnected from the impacts our clothes have on the land, air, water, labor, and our own health, we simply consume clothing as if it were disposable, not renewable. But clothing, like food, matters – because its production and distribution impacts the environment, we engage with it every day, and agriculture is the base of its economy. Furthermore, recent scientific research has discovered microplastics in a majority of water bodies and bottled waters sampled from across the globe. The source of these microscopic plastic pieces is poly (plastic) clothing. This is bad news because of the negative health effects caused by consuming microplastics. We all have the freedom to choose our wardrobe so let’s slow it down, give back to our local community, and choose clothing that supports our local farmers, textile artisans, and mills.

I hope our paths will cross this year at one of the Fibershed Farm to Fashion Events.

Be well.

Carol Treadwell-Steitz


Montana Fibershed Mission, Purpose and Goals for 2022 Our Mission: Montana Fibershed is a grassroots, non-profit organization that supports Montana-based natural fiber and dye systems. We seek to connect producers to end users of fiber, to encourage new and strengthen existing textile manufacturing systems in Montana Continue Reading


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Become a member Farm-to-Fashion Event: Reboot for 2022 Save the date! October 8, 2022, is a day to celebrate local textiles that you will not want to miss! This event will take place at the Emerson Center for the Arts & Culture in Bozeman and will feature a day-long Montana Fibershed Marketplace* with a variety of wonderful Montana vendors, producers and makers, showcasing their fiber, yarns, and finished goods. In the afternoon, a panel of speakers will share their expertise in various aspects of the Montana Fibershed mission, and spark new ideas for involvement and goals moving forward. The late afternoon Farm-to-Fashion Show* will highlight the beautiful works that Montana designers, weavers, knitters, crocheters, sewers and other makers are creating with Montana-grown materials, giving us all new inspiration as to the how and why of making clothing using natural materials from our fibershed. After the show, linger for a reception in the Emerson lobby, where you will be served refreshments and have the opportunity to view the garments up close and meet the makers. We are looking forward to a wonderful day of learning, meaningful conversations and inspiration. Learn More



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